07 gennaio 2009

Kragmortha podcast

Family Night Podcast

Community, Episode: 5 of 8
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The show goes on. There are hundreds more games to play and billions more people to meet. Our main topic today is about building community. We are delighted to announce in today's show that our community in Sierra Vista has found a new home. We have also started a meetup group to help us organize and find new players. Our meeting times and locations are listed there. Its free, so come and by and play.
The first game we talk about today is Kragmortha. This one has a physical component. The goal is on the other side of the room; the fun is bumping your competitors into the evil dark lord and forcing them to take on vile curses. These curses may need to be held between your elbows for the remainder of the game. The rules are easy for kids 8 and up to learn and play with each other.
We had an absolute blast with Entdecker. The age recommendation for this one is 10 and up. You take turns flipping tiles and exploring the world. Your score will reflect how well you navigate the seas and your wise allocation to land expeditions. This one will be a coming part of Catan Online for premium account holders. You can also play a super simplified solitaire version online called Oceannia or step through the online tutorial.

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