18 maggio 2007

Kragmortha all'estero

Kragmortha Board Game
From Stratelibri & Mayfair in July
Mayfair Games and Stratelibri have co-produced Kragmortha, a colorful board game that is the latest incarnation of the Rigor Mortis property. Created in 1991 by the Italian artist Riccardo Crosa, Rigor Mortis is an evil wizard who is striving for absolute power and he and his crew (Romolo the warrion, Cav the wood-elf, and Kira the cat-woman) have gone through many incarnations (RPGs, comics, card games) and are now starring in their first board game. Players in the Kragmortha game portray goblins who have to escape from Rigor Mortis' fury while he toils in his laboratory. Anyone who gets caught in the Dark Overlord's withering stare is sure to end up on the wrong end of a terrible spell. The Kragmortha Board Game ($35.00), which is due out in the U.S. in July, is a delightful party game for 2-8 players, none of whom will be immune to Rigor Mortis' hilarious curses. The Kragmortha Board Game includes a deluxe game board, 100 cards, eight cardboard goblins, eight goblin tokens, one cardboard Rigor Mortis, 10 plastic bases, one desk, six libraries, six teleport tokens and one set of trilingual rules (English, Italian, and German). A number of new projects featuring the evil genius Rigor Mortis are in the works including new comics, a novel and a revised edition of Aye, Dark Overlord, a fast and funny card game based on the Rigor Mortis property that Mayfair distributed here last year.
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